Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The chemistry of economics

And that greed is the unconscious thing (money accumulating money) called capitalism!

ps 'cos the wealth-creating equation is:

Materials + Energy -> Wealth + Pollution

(It's a chemistry thing - and the Second Law of Thermodynamics - from Physical Chemistry - asserts that more pollution - disordered (ie high entropy) materials and energy are produced than low-entropy 'wealth'. Wealth, here being that which helps humans fulfil their needs.

And the eco-problem is that:

Capitalism turns wants into needs in order to cycle the above-described equation as quickly as possible, such that nature cannot deal with - recycle or exclude to the rerst of the universe - the pollution that capitalism produces.)

The solution?

The sustainable alternative called Co-operative Socialism (which, eg abolishes 'returns to capital' in the forms of rent, interest, profit and unequal pay for work).

eg pls seethe papers at for more on the plan for Co-operative Socialism

Hope that helps!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Co-operative Socialism Wikipedia Page

Co-operative Socialism Wikipedia Page

Just to archive this - I've been trying for some years to start a Wikipedia page on Co-oerative Socialism.

Here's what I've just submitted in order to re-start this

Hi Wikipedia Help friends

My Occupy London friends are keen that I reask permission to start a page on Co-operative Socialism.
A thread in that regard can be found at:

The term 'Co-operative Socialism' has both a history (eg in its usage by Robert Owen, by the Guana Co-operative Republic and now as a plan to develop the concept of both the Co-operative Commonwealth and the Co-operative Commonweal.

Please reinstste the page so that I, we and others can devolop an account of both the history and present use of this term.

Thanks, inand for co-operatio - and thus equality,m equity and peace

~~~~John courtneidge